DJ Acquisitions LLC


Acquisition Criteria

DJ Acquisitions typically focuses on “C” and low to mid “B” Class  properties for its multifamily acquisitions, preferably in suburban locations with good access to employment centers, population growth, and strong demographics. Individual transaction size is $5 – $50 million, with asset sizes of 50-700 units. We acquire underperforming multifamily real estate assets that are in select submarkets. These are properties where we can add value through capital improvement programs, rehabilitation, professional property management, and repositioning. The properties we acquire provide opportunities to reposition, add value, and increase cash flow.


About Us

DJ Acquisitions, LLC is a privately held independent real estate investment and management firm founded by Jonathan Fridlender and Dr. Daryl Gershbein. Corporate offices are located both in Miami,Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.

Historically based in the residential multifamily ownership sector, DJ Acquisitions has added a management division to it’s corporate structure. This addition was due to the industries increasing amounts of underperforming assets and the necessity for competent management teams. Our team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality in every aspect of our streamlined property management.

DJ Acquisitions has acquired, renovated and sold greater than $80 million dollars of real estate.


Real Estate Investment and Property Management

Dj Acquisitions LLC is a private real estate and property management that puts its customers first. We know that in the current real estate market, selling your property can be a challenge. Our customers come to us for a variety of reasons, such as:


  • Unexpected Maintenance
  • Threat of foreclosure
  • The need of expensive repairs
  • Employment in a new location
  • Lifestyle changes like divorce or retirement


DJ Acquisitions’ focus on multifamily rental properties allows us to leverage our corporate skill set to take advantage of market conditions and the availability of underperforming, undermanaged assets. Our ability to analyze physical assets, appraise market values, execute due diligence, and quickly close acquisitions, allows us to pursue opportunities where and when we identify them. DJ Acquisitions is able to create income and capital appreciation opportunities for its partners and clients through the repositioning, development, and intensive management of underperforming properties.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide the best customer service possible when it comes to property management. We aim to build long lasting relationships with not only our tenants but with our surrounding communities.