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We pride ourselves on the stability and corporate culture of our team. Maintaining the highest ethical and fiduciary standards in the conduct of our business is our primary imperative. The depth of experience and cohesiveness of our firm allows us to pursue our investment objectives with a singular focus.



Jon Fridlender: Founder and Managing Partner

Jon Fridlender has real estate development in his blood. He is third-generation multifamily property owner, manager and developer, with his family he has been in the real estate business for almost 40 years. In 1976, Jon’s grandfather, Jack Fridlender began the family business while living in Cape Town, South Africa and then later relocated to Perth, Australia. At a very young age Jon took an immediate liking to real estate, learning supervision, acquisition, development and management styles of the family business.

In 2003, Jon immigrated to the United States to study finance at Yeshiva University in New York. While he was taking classes during the day he was also working as a manager for local rental properties. Upon finishing his studies Jon added to his list and began a short stint as a realtor.In 2009, Jon began his Miami-based real estate investment firm and DJ Acquisitions was created. Since its inception DJ Acquisitions has acquired, renovated and sold over $85 million dollars of real estate. During that span over 3,000 multifamily unit doors have been successfully managed and growing.

Dr. Daryl Gershbein: Founding Partner and VP of Marketing

 Dr. Daryl Gershbein, 53 years old, father of three grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Daryl spent much time in his families retail pharmacy business. After graduating pharmacy school at St. John’s University he help continue to grow and develop the business enterprises, which later was acquired by the CVS company. Daryl attended medical school at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine and completed a residency in podiatric surgery. At age 27 he relocated to Aventura, Florida where he currently resides. Dr. Gershbein still owns the Miami Foot Center which is one of the largest and most successful group practices in Southern Florida. Dr. Gershbein also developed a podiatric network which services several Florida insurance companies. In the mid 90’s Daryl purchased a vacant hospital from the then Columbia/HCA corporation. Over the next several years, until its purchase by a leading national assisted living company, he and his partner were credited with the rehabilitation and development of a five star premier retirement community.

Dr. Daryl Gershbein, with having such a diverse background in many businesses, is a natural as our director of marketing. We are pleased with his many successes and achieving incredible occupancies for our multifamily communities.

Autumn May: Vice President of Operations

Autumn, a Certified Apartment Manager (CAM), began working in property management in an on-site position as a Property Manager. Autumn has twelve years of real estate management experience which includes both multifamily and single family projects.   She excelled in several roles,  including Regional Manager and National Asset Manager, on her way to becoming the new Vice President of Operations for DJ Acquisitions in 2017. She is very passionate about growing her team from within, and she takes pride in empowering members of her team to develop to the next level.

Known for her efficiency, Autumn is a leader who has a knack for helping managers create solutions to any problem through collaboration.
Driven by the goal of providing housing with excellent customer service at an affordable price, she and her team actively look for ways to improve their resident’s lives.



Jeniffer Azcuna- Administrative Assistant

Donovan Barker-Maintenance and Resident Relations Specialist

Makayla Cohen- Human Resources

Sabrina Lattimore- Head of Leasing