Acquisition Criteria

DJ Acquisitions typically focuses on “C” and low to mid “B” Class  properties for its multifamily acquisitions, preferably in suburban locations with good access to employment centers, population growth, and strong demographics. Individual transaction size is $5 – $50 million, with asset sizes of 150-700 units. We acquire underperforming multifamily real estate assets that are in select submarkets. These are properties where we can add value through capital improvement programs, rehabilitation, professional property management, and repositioning.

Real Estate Investment

and Property Management

Highly motivated, well-trained and world-class, our team members are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and expertise in multifamily property management. Through a disciplined strategy and process-driven approach, we create operational consistency to increase efficiencies, mitigate risk, empower our operators and achieve performance excellent. The DJ standard of best practices, processes, training and performance metrics range from accounting and financial management to marketing, legal and regulatory compliance. We develop and implement programs, policies and procedures, while continuously educating ourselves and providing guidance in changing market dynamic, new regulations and industry trends. Our entrepreneurial culture means everyone is focused on creating value and generating innovative solutions to solve problems.

Our services include:

  • Property Operations
  • Full Scale Talent Acquisition
  • Training and Education
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Leasing Automation
  • Online Resident Services
  • Master Insurance Programs for Resident Liability and Property
  • Insurance
  • Construction and Renovation Services
  • Utility Management
  • Procurement


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